Easy crafts for kids: fun winter nature crafts and activities

Sometimes children may refuse to go outside in the cold and start crying as soon as they leave the house. But it is necessary to walk outdoors with your child every day for at least half an hour, so you need to think of interesting entertainment and take care of comfort while outdoors. Choose warm and comfortable clothes, taking into account the weather conditions, make a route of the walk in advance and take care of leisure activities. Below you will see a list of fun activities and tips to lure your child out of the house, at least for a while.

Choice of Clothes

Both children and adults need to get used to winter first, as the sudden change in weather conditions, frost, and the wind are stressful for the body. At the beginning of winter, it is necessary to dress especially warm. If your child is a baby and mainly lies in the stroller during the walk, the best option may be a romper. But if the child is older, on the contrary, such clothes may not suit him at all. Too thick a layer of clothing makes children clumsy and often they can’t even take a step, so they just lie down in the snow and refuse to walk. It is best to choose clothes that are not too thick, but warm and waterproof. Often children cry during a winter walk because their cheeks are freezing. This problem can be solved by applying a special cream before the walk. Also, do not forget to bring spare gloves, as it is likely that during winter activities their hands will get wet and freeze.

Winter activity ideas:

  • Make a snowman. Yes, as corny as it sounds, this is one of the favorite winter activities among kids.
  • Play snowballs.
  • Build snow houses and castles.
  • Draw with sticks in the snow.
  • Dress up the near-growing Christmas tree with toys. This can be done with toys you buy, handmade, or just found in the park (such as cones or branches).
  • Climb on top of snowbanks.
  • Peel off icicles.
  • Try making bird feeders. Hang them in the nearest park in different places and go tossing grains and seeds. This way, your walk will have a purpose. The child will learn to care for the animals.
  • Throw snow in the air with your hands or shovel (this is especially fun if you take your dog with you for the walk).
  • Go sledding or ice skating down the hill.
  • Kick the snowball with your feet all the way home.


There are quite a few ways to keep your child entertained during a winter walk. But sometimes the love of active recreation should be instilled in children. If you first get your child interested and make up cool activities, then later he will entertain himself without your help. All it takes is a little patience!