What Is Brain Fog While Being Infected?

There are a variety of effects of Covid-19 infection, and one of them is the development of brain fog. However, this is not a type of medical phrase to describe a condition or side effect of the Covid-19 infection and is not a scientific term either. However, several scientific investigations are currently being conducted to comprehend this particular Covid-19 illness as a neurological issue. Additionally, since the start of Covid-19, a number of difficult-to-define symptoms have been reported. This has also paved the way for fresh, improved studies on the significance of particular illness-related effects. Long Covid-19, which often indicates a group of continuous symptoms that have been discovered to last weeks, months, or even years, has been linked to brain fog.… Read more “What Is Brain Fog While Being Infected?”

Activities You Can Try While Staying At Home

Staying at home is complete havoc to some people, especially to your business and personal life. It is tiring to figure out what to do at the weekend when you don’t have anything to do and when you have insomnia. – Yeah, this also happens. But there are activities that you can do that can help you be productive, useful, and helpful while staying at home.… Read more “Activities You Can Try While Staying At Home”

7 Poker Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You to Know About

Poker is a skill game. It is a game played all over the world. Different people love it for different reasons. Some people love it because it’s a tool for spending time in a good way. Some people love it for the money they earn from it. Others are new to poker and don’t know much about poker tips and tricks. People who play poker for a long time learn the secrets of poker. There are some poker secrets that professionals don’t want to tell you. Some of them are described below.… Read more “7 Poker Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You to Know About”

What Is the Relationship between Weighted Blankets and Sleep?

In one’s lifetime, there are multiple times when a person is unable to sleep due to some tension or fear. This is not an individual problem, but it is something faced by the majority of the people. Our community needs to overcome this problem by helping each other when required. We’re all tired for a variety of reasons, including tension, worry, and other problems regarding mental health. Using a weighted blanket can help us avoid medical conditions and enhance our immune system. Adding a weighted blanket into your sleep regimen might help reduce tension and encourage calm. The moderate pressure of a sleeping bag may help patients with insomnia, anxiety, or autism sleep well by relieving the symptoms. In the last few years, the demand for weighted blankets has risen, and manufacturers are producing them more now as compared to before.… Read more “What Is the Relationship between Weighted Blankets and Sleep?”

The Importance of Having a HIPAA-Compliant Billing Solution

Technology has enforced change in almost every aspect of our life. How we communicate, how we sell products or services, how we travel, and how we present information to the world. It is a privilege to live in the Information Age and be the grand generation to reap the benefits. The future is definitely within our reach. It is already here. In terms of cutting-edge technology, healthcare isn’t far away from it, especially when it comes to billing processes. We have risen to greater health standards in our lives thanks to a law signed by President Clinton on August 21, 1996. This law is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This has been effective for over 30 years and has proved to be essential over the years. In this article, you will learn the importance of having a HIPAA-compliant billing option:… Read more “The Importance of Having a HIPAA-Compliant Billing Solution”

How to Prepare Your Practice for the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare system is making great changes to better suit the patient and medical workers. Technology has played a huge role in this with areas such as automated patient appointment reminders, patient data analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. The advantages are progressing daily especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The trends work to improve the efficiency of healthcare facilities and work towards achieving the goals of the patient. Emerging trends related to healthcare technology   Virtual reality This has been integrated into the healthcare system to assist patients with mental issues such as anxiety and depression.  The mind is manipulated through images that bring relaxation. People who are about to have their surgeries or other medical procedures are engaged in virtual reality to act as a distraction and give them confidence. In physiotherapy, it is used to encourage the movement of the muscled through brain stimulation. Online meetings Nowadays, a medical worker can address a large group of people from the comfort of their home or office.  Through zoom meetings and video calls, you can monitor your patients’ progress and… Read more “How to Prepare Your Practice for the Future of Healthcare”

Easy crafts for kids: fun winter nature crafts and activities

Sometimes children may refuse to go outside in the cold and start crying as soon as they leave the house. But it is necessary to walk outdoors with your child every day for at least half an hour, so you need to think of interesting entertainment and take care of comfort while outdoors. Choose warm and comfortable clothes, taking into account the weather conditions, make a route of the walk in advance and take care of leisure activities. Below you will see a list of fun activities and tips to lure your child out of the house, at least for a while. Choice of Clothes… Read more “Easy crafts for kids: fun winter nature crafts and activities”