Instagram Tips for Photographers

In an extremely visual world like the world we live in, it is important that you are able to deliver quality, high-resolution visual media for your network. This is how you get the likes, the follows, and the comments, building up your social media presence, slowly but surely. Before long, you might be an authority in your industry.… Read more “Instagram Tips for Photographers”

How to Clean Up Instagram From Bots and Inactive Accounts

This is a fact that almost all Instagram accounts have spammers, bots, and dead accounts. Therefore, it’s essential to clean your account and get rid of the bots. Since 2020, the demand for having millions of followers doesn’t apply anymore. Now the trend has shifted to having an increased engagement rate. So, a following of 100K means an engagement rate of 10K. Both are equal. Moreover, people still think having a huge following is essential, so they use Instagram to promote their products.… Read more “How to Clean Up Instagram From Bots and Inactive Accounts”