Garden Design: Garden & Landscape Design, Ideas and Tips to Inspire You

You have all the possibilities to create a beautiful and distinctive garden, all you need to do is to take enough time and seriously approach the development of its plan. In fact, there are no clear rules or restrictions with which you can create the garden of your dreams. All you need is to gain strength and patience. Remember that your garden is an extension of your home, not a separate existing one. Everything on the outside has to blend in with what’s on the inside. The decorative elements, the overall design, the shapes – it all has to fit together. For example, if the outside of the house is light, it is desirable to choose dark or bright colors, and if the outside is dark, then vice versa. Prefer plants that last the longest to bloom. Today we are going to talk about cool ideas on how to diversify your garden.

First of all, you need to create a map of your plot, noting all the sunny and shady places. Then decide on the plants you want to grow and you can start landscaping.

Build a bridge

If there is a small pond on your site, it can become your highlight. By planting near it a few water-loving plants and making a small bridge, you will definitely add coziness and attractiveness to your garden. If there is no water body, it can be artificially created, but it will cost a lot of money.

Make paths

There are many ways to create paths, for every taste and budget. You can use a variety of materials such as stone, rubble, wood, and so on, and fences, such as borders or plants, will help. Not only will it add beauty and a change of ambiance to your garden, but it will also extend the life of your lawn.

Hang a hammock

If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors reading a book or just talking on the phone, a hammock is a great option for you.

Solution for a passionate idealist

If you like perfect order everywhere and don’t want to spend a lot of time getting rid of weeds, then this idea is definitely for you. Create freestanding beds by filling the base of the plot with gravel, and separate the beds with bricks or wood planks. A perfectionist’s paradise!

Create a seating area using pallets

Ordinary sofas and chairs look too banal. To stay there comfortably just add cushions or mattresses and attach them to your structure. For the attractiveness of the structure, cover it with varnish or special water-resistant paint.


The garden is an outlet for the owner, a place to relax and recuperate. And everyone wants their garden to be cozy and attractive in appearance, different from others. It is worth understanding that this goal requires a lot of effort and physical effort, but sometimes it also brings aesthetic pleasure.