Fun Gardening Activities

A hobby is a work in pleasure!

Easy crafts for kids: fun winter nature crafts and activities

Sometimes children may refuse to go outside in the cold and start crying as soon as they leave the house. But it is necessary to walk outdoors with your child every day for at least half an hour, so you need to think of interesting entertainment and take care of comfort while outdoors. Choose warm and comfortable clothes, taking into account the weather conditions, make a route of the walk in advance and take care of leisure activities. Below you will see a list of fun activities and tips to lure your child out of the house, at least for a while. Choice of Clothes… Read more “Easy crafts for kids: fun winter nature crafts and activities”

How to plan a truly successful flowerbed?

Decorating a flowerbed is no less important than creating the interior of your home. And if your lot is spacious enough, then its decoration is a “must-have” for you. You can create a flowerbed with your own hands. You can take as a basis ready examples, adding your solutions and ideas. Thus you can save on the services of famous landscape designers and gardeners, thereby investing more money in the realization of your blooming dream. Below you can read useful tips and take some cool advice:… Read more “How to plan a truly successful flowerbed?”

Gardening Tips: Ways to Use Garden Pots

What is the most important advantage of garden pots? The answer is their universal use. Have you ever wanted to plant a certain flower, but can’t afford it because you don’t have the right soil for it? There is a solution – the garden pot. You can grow anything in it. Or your yard looks more like a garden because there is too much shade and you want a plant that needs light? Or the other way around on your lot with no shade at all, and the plant you want is a shade-loving one? Not a problem either, because a garden pot can be relocated if needed. So, the advantages of garden pots are plentiful. Now we will look at some interesting ways to use them: Choose the right place First, it will show the direction of the path and also serve as a great decoration. Plus, it will protect your lawn from people who like to trample on it. Or put them on the steps of the stairs. The principal thing to consider is that the width of… Read more “Gardening Tips: Ways to Use Garden Pots”

Tips for protecting plants from frost and cold weather

The weather now is unpredictable: yesterday it was sunny and plus temperatures, today it’s freezing. Many people remember the times when winter was snowy, spring was warm, summer was hot and moderately rainy, and autumn allowed for harvesting at the end of October. But because of human interference with nature, anomalies occur. Crocuses bloom in winter, it snows in summer, and spring brings us late frosts every year. Warm weather causes flowers to sprout and bloom, but the cold air can kill them. Trees can have bark damage as water, after the snow melts, gets into the cracks and then freezes. The lower the temperature drops on the thermometer, the faster our hopes for a good crop melt away. There are some simple useful tips to protect your plants from cold: Cover the plant with dense material… Read more “Tips for protecting plants from frost and cold weather”