Instagram Tips for Photographers

In an extremely visual world like the world we live in, it is important that you are able to deliver quality, high-resolution visual media for your network. This is how you get the likes, the follows, and the comments, building up your social media presence, slowly but surely. Before long, you might be an authority in your industry.

If you are wondering how to grow your Instagram organically, there are no better professionals to trust than your efforts and experience. This article will help you have this experience in the industry and also have the tools and resources needed.

The use of hashtags

Hashtags are a crucial element for you to increase your reach to a new market and improve engagement with your current following. All you require are the right tools and knowledge on its use. In addition, you don’t have to think and generate hashtags. For example, there are apps to enhance your social media experience.

The proper way to use hashtags is to consider your target market. What are they possibly thinking or want to see? In addition, don’t use common phrases such as love and happiness that may portray you as a teenager looking to advertise themselves.

Consistency in posting

It is only with the consistent posting of quality content that you can build the audience and network that you have been dreaming about. Consistency is not about posting the same content over and over. It is about deliberate content that focuses on your craft, engagement with the audience, and expanding your reach.

Consistency is also key when it comes to the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm recognizes your good work over the years and will reward you with better placement in the photography industry.

To have a better view of consistency, think about it as a store. Before a person buys a good, they would like to look around and see what is on offer.

The timing

While we have talked about consistency, we must also talk about the timing of your posts. In order to be most effective in your posting, we would recommend that you identify a pattern that works for you and adhere to it.

Also, perform analysis on your audience and engagement. At what time are they most active? At what time do you receive the highest engagement? Once you identify the pattern of most engagement by your followers, you will experience an increase in your stats.

Engage your following

Since most photographers spend most of their time behind the camera, they at times tend to shy away from interacting with people. Such behavior will not hold on Instagram. The social media platform has built its brand on engagement with followers. By spending time with your followers, either through replying or commenting, you are building your rank and also being courteous to your fans.

Don’t forget that by replying or commenting, you are also building a possible client base. Your next big client might be on your Instagram following, and you never knew.