How to Clean Up Instagram From Bots and Inactive Accounts

This is a fact that almost all Instagram accounts have spammers, bots, and dead accounts. Therefore, it’s essential to clean your account and get rid of the bots. Since 2020, the demand for having millions of followers doesn’t apply anymore. Now the trend has shifted to having an increased engagement rate. So, a following of 100K means an engagement rate of 10K. Both are equal. Moreover, people still think having a huge following is essential, so they use Instagram to promote their products.

One must think, what’s the big deal if you have fake followers as your account looks famous. But the point is that today we have many tools that can easily distinguish between a phony follower and a natural follower. The misconception people have that “the more, the better” can significantly affect their accounts. So, let’s consider some ways we can use to remove fake followers from our Instagram account.

What are bots, dead accounts, and spammers?

Dead accounts are the ones that are not in use anymore, maybe because the user doesn’t login anymore, or he has forgotten the password and made a new account whereas Bots are specially made to like, comment, and follow other accounts automatically. One should remember that such following is against the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Spammers: One of the easiest ways to identify a spammer is that a spammer leaves similar comments on multiple posts.

How to recognize bots and dead accounts on Instagram?

It is essential to identify the accounts before starting the clean-up, so let’s see how to recognize bots and fake accounts.

You can quickly identify bots, spammers, and fake accounts when there is:

  1. No profit picture or posts posted on that account.
  2. Username comprises of numbers and different letters.
  3. Bio is missing.
  4. A small number of followers but a high number of subscriptions.
  5. Mention of doubtful offers and ads.

Bot cleaning service (Automated)

Time is the biggest struggle of today’s era. Therefore, it might not be possible to clean your Instagram account manually. You have to have a technician means to get your Instagram cleaned efficiently and effectively. You can download tools from your app/play store that will help you get rid of all the dead accounts and bots in no time. However, no tool can clearly distinguish between a real account or a spammer account. By this, people can use Instagram to promote their products with an original following. Moreover, be careful when using these tools, as they will go through your device.

Here are some of them:

  1. Web-based software: this shows the number of fake accounts you have in terms of percentage.
  2. Social audit pro: this is a helpful tool as it offers cleanup services that can get rid of fake accounts.
  3. Sociality io report module: To identify the presence of bots, use the Sociality io report module to monitor your statistics

In conclusion, if you want to run a successful and genuine Instagram page, get rid of the bots, spammers, and fake accounts. However, zero following and no profile picture still don’t guarantee that the account is fake or not. So, you must identify which account is fake and which account is not fake. By this, you will not lose unnecessary followers. Following these strategies will prove to be worthwhile and yield amazing results.