Gardening Tips: Ways to Use Garden Pots

What is the most important advantage of garden pots? The answer is their universal use. Have you ever wanted to plant a certain flower, but can’t afford it because you don’t have the right soil for it? There is a solution – the garden pot. You can grow anything in it. Or your yard looks more like a garden because there is too much shade and you want a plant that needs light? Or the other way around on your lot with no shade at all, and the plant you want is a shade-loving one? Not a problem either, because a garden pot can be relocated if needed. So, the advantages of garden pots are plentiful. Now we will look at some interesting ways to use them:

Choose the right place

First, it will show the direction of the path and also serve as a great decoration. Plus, it will protect your lawn from people who like to trample on it. Or put them on the steps of the stairs. The principal thing to consider is that the width of the stairs should allow for this, leaving enough room for a passageway. Another ideal place for pots is the seating area. And if your plants are fragrant enough, the number of mosquitoes will be much less.

Take size into account

Pick the right size garden pots. If your property is small enough, a pot that is too big will seem unwieldy and too obtrusive, and if the property is large, a small pot will be lost sight of. A pot that is the right size for your garden can help bring harmony and coziness to your property.

Choose a material

An important criterion is also the material from which the vase is made. Clay pots can be ordered based on your preference, but they need treatment for preserving color and protection from low temperatures. Stone ones are great at retaining moisture, keeping your plants from drying out. Concrete ones are good for enormous areas. The most common are plastic vases because of their accessibility and ease of use. But it should be noted that plastic pots are the most “cheap” look among the options described above. A useful tip: If you decide to buy a plastic pot, it’s better to stop at the lighter colors, because the dark ones will attract a lot of light, heating and drying out your plants.

Try making a vase yourself

You can use old wooden crates, barrels, dishes, etc. This might sound like trash to some, but it can be given a second life. The key thing is to decorate your vase beautifully. For this purpose, you can use fragments of mirrors, coins, shells, magnets, and so on! Use epoxide resin or good construction adhesive to keep the pieces in place.

Make your mini vegetable garden

If you don’t have room in your yard to grow your favorite vegetables, you may also need a vase. Create your mini vegetable garden using unusual options. For example, you can use old jars, crates, teapots, and jugs as pots. Be sure to make a hole in the bottom for drainage.


For a stylish design of your plot, it is not always necessary to ask for help from professional landscapers. It is enough to include your imagination and put a little effort. Take your time. This process sometimes takes time, because the ideas do not come right away.